Michelle & Adam’s Wedding

6′-4″ and 5′-0″

That about sums it up for these two! As big of a difference they are in height, they make up for it in complimentary personalities. These two are so much fun and pretty much up for anything! They booked us a long time ago, so this wedding day was a long time coming. We started things with an engagement session which went very well. As a matter of fact, here is a slideshow of the engagement session…

We created a cool guest book for them and before we knew it, their wedding day was here. They got married at the Woodlands Resort in Wilkes Barre, PA. While we are on the subject, does anyone know how to pronounce Wilkes Barre correctly? LOL

In any case, The Woodlands is a hidden gem! It is totally unassuming on the outside, BUT once you venture indoors, there is a plethora of really cool architecture and decor to use as backgrounds. Good choice guys!

The ceremony took place outside in an out-of-the-way place in the woods. In order to get there, you have to cross a foot bridge that traverses a small river. All in all a very nice and peaceful experience. They both looked great and so did the reception room as we discovered shortly after the ceremony!

We took some time taking photos of everyone and didn’t forget the cave bear skeleton in the lobby. You have to see it. Great day, great couple and great fun!

We prepared a slideshow of the wedding as you can see below. A high definition version is available for purchase too! Contact ken@transposure.com if you are interested.

2 Responses to “Michelle & Adam’s Wedding”

  • Michelle Giuliano Turner Says:

    These pictures are absolutely amazing! We have gotten so many compliments on them and your level of creativity. Thank you so much for everything.. our wedding day honestly wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was without you capturing such beautiful moments for us. My favorite part of the entire day was the look on Adam’s face when he first saw me prior to the ceremony, and that never would have happened if you hadn’t suggested it.

  • Ken Says:

    Awe, thanks Michelle! We very much appreciate it! We are so happy we were able to create this for you on your special day. You two are awesome!
    Spread the word to your unmarried friends!

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