Michelle & Chris’ Wedding

OK, we will admit, we literally forgot what Michelle and Chris looked like! LOL They booked us sooo long ago, that when we arrived at their respective pre-wedding locations we said “Aha! we remember you!” LOL!!

In all seriousness, what a fabulous couple! They seem to be perfect for one another. Michelle was gorgeous in her dress, all done up and Chris was a handsome dude! So, we hit the ground running and didn’t stop for air until the night was over.

The wedding was at the Woodsgate at the Stroudsmoor in East Stroudsburg, PA. And, although we have photographed many weddings at their other reception sites there, this was our first time shooting at the Woodsgate. The Woodsgate is exactly as the name implies. It is a beautiful clearing in the woods with an exquisite timber structure around which ceremonies are based. With all of the woods around, we decided to add some infrared photography to the mix. Derek, our assistant, was at the helm of the IR camera while Angela and myself handled the normal shooting. Infrared photography is particularly well suited to landscape photography involving tress and foliage. There was plenty of that on hand here!

The ceremony was very nice. We think each and every girl in the bridal party shed a tear….or three..
The reception was intimate and Michelle and Chris put on quite a show with their choreographed first dance! Good job guys!

Well, without further adieu, we have a slideshow to see! Please be sure to leave a comment!!

A high definition version of the slideshow is available for purchase. Contact ken@transposure.com if you are interested.


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