Lisa & Scott’s Wedding

Crash! That was the sound I heard while photographing Lisa and Scott at Ocean City, NJ during their engagement session. We were on the beach, under the pier and the waves were crashing in. Well, that wasn’t all that crashed. My light and battery pack were precariously teeter-tottering on the light stand behind me. I saw the look on their faces moments before I heard the crash behind me. Yup, lighting gear in the sand and surf. Just another workplace casualty! LOL All is well without any damage. Yay!
Well, fast forward about a half a year and we are at The Mansion with them on their wedding day. Luckily there weren’t any crashes, of equipment or of the party! Everything went very well while the weather held out. The Mansion was filled with a plethora a photography gems and we had a great time with Lisa and Scott.
Their wedding was very elegant and we gathered a variety of timeless and fun photos.
Following is a slideshow of their wedding day.

Let us know what you think of it!

It is also available in High Definition for download. If you are interested in purchasing the high-definition version, contact

2 Responses to “Lisa & Scott’s Wedding”

  • Suzanne Bialoskurski Says:

    The wedding photos are excellent, very lovely. My niece looks radiant and I’ve never seenn Scott look happier. God bless them both.

  • Ken Says:

    Thanks for your compliment! We do try very hard and we are delighted that you are happy with the photos!
    Best regards,

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