Feb 27 2012

Transposure Featured in Profoto Blog!!

I was delighted to learn that Transposure was featured in the Profoto Blog today!

Here is the link…

Transposure Profoto Blog Post

A short while back, I participated in a telephone interview conducted by Ron Egatz of MAC Group USA  Ron asked some pointed questions and I enjoyed the conversation quite a bit.  Thank you Ron for your time, effort and patience during this process!  The article looks great!

The interview touches upon a variety of aspects of my history and my philosophies as a photographer.  Ron definitely hit the mark as to who I am and how I tick!  LOL  He mentions the variety of equipment that I have used over time and I wanted to emphasize the importance of it in the production of my photographic works.  My choices and use of the various parts and pieces that I have acquired over the years has made my life quite a bit easier in terms of realizing a photographic vision.  When the equipment becomes transparent, in the process of creation of imagery, the work getting from A to Z becomes that much easier.

As pointed out in Ron’s post, I am in the process of arranging a series of workshops for 2012 and beyond.  The workshops will be geared towards a variety of topics from off camera lighting to posing to fine art image capture.  If there are specific topics that are of interest, by all means, email your preferences to me and I will see what I can do in the planning of these.  My intent is to provide a good cross section of ‘shops to address the biggest concerns and areas of weakness.  As with my previous workshops, they will be a mix of roundtable-style educational lectures and actual shooting with followup critique.  If you are interested in a workshop, please email me for additional information and to get on the email mailing list.

I always welcome comments and would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts about the Profoto Blog Post!






Oct 18 2011

Liliana & Sam Engagement Session

So, Liliana and Sam wanted to do something a little different. They wanted to create a Save-the-Date video for their guests instead of the typical cards. Well, being up for a challenge, we stepped up to the plate and storyboarded a VERY short film that hit the mark. It was fun! Since it was so much fun, we are now going to be offering it to our new clients as well. Take a look and tell us what you think!!

Liliana & Sam HD Video

Sep 29 2011

Tanya & Garry’s Wedding

That would be the team mascot for Seton Hall University. What does that have to do with anything? Well, that is where Tanya and Garry met! Oh, and did we fail to mention that a real, live, Pirate showed up at the reception? LOL Watch the slideshow and you’ll see what we mean!
Tanya and Garry are in love. It is obvious from the moment you meet them. That certainly makes things easy for us! They are so easy to photograph and so easy to talk to and get along with. They are the model clients. They want the great shots just as bad as us and they are willing to go the extra distance to get them. as we’ve said before, the process of great photography is collaborative. It starts with a great idea, requires great light, a great photographer and a willing subject. Tanya and Garry are definitely both willing subjects! Thanks guys for making our lives just a little bit easier.

We captured some lovely photos of their Greek Orthodox Wedding at the church and at the reception which was at Skylands at Randolph, in Randolph, NJ, and we’d like to share them with you. So, check them out below and


We love that!

Oh, and this slideshow is available in high definition for purchase and download. Simply contact ken@transposure.com to make that happen.

Sep 25 2011

Michelle & Adam’s Wedding

6′-4″ and 5′-0″

That about sums it up for these two! As big of a difference they are in height, they make up for it in complimentary personalities. These two are so much fun and pretty much up for anything! They booked us a long time ago, so this wedding day was a long time coming. We started things with an engagement session which went very well. As a matter of fact, here is a slideshow of the engagement session…

We created a cool guest book for them and before we knew it, their wedding day was here. They got married at the Woodlands Resort in Wilkes Barre, PA. While we are on the subject, does anyone know how to pronounce Wilkes Barre correctly? LOL

In any case, The Woodlands is a hidden gem! It is totally unassuming on the outside, BUT once you venture indoors, there is a plethora of really cool architecture and decor to use as backgrounds. Good choice guys!

The ceremony took place outside in an out-of-the-way place in the woods. In order to get there, you have to cross a foot bridge that traverses a small river. All in all a very nice and peaceful experience. They both looked great and so did the reception room as we discovered shortly after the ceremony!

We took some time taking photos of everyone and didn’t forget the cave bear skeleton in the lobby. You have to see it. Great day, great couple and great fun!

We prepared a slideshow of the wedding as you can see below. A high definition version is available for purchase too! Contact ken@transposure.com if you are interested.

Sep 24 2011

Michelle & Chris’ Wedding

OK, we will admit, we literally forgot what Michelle and Chris looked like! LOL They booked us sooo long ago, that when we arrived at their respective pre-wedding locations we said “Aha! we remember you!” LOL!!

In all seriousness, what a fabulous couple! They seem to be perfect for one another. Michelle was gorgeous in her dress, all done up and Chris was a handsome dude! So, we hit the ground running and didn’t stop for air until the night was over.

The wedding was at the Woodsgate at the Stroudsmoor in East Stroudsburg, PA. And, although we have photographed many weddings at their other reception sites there, this was our first time shooting at the Woodsgate. The Woodsgate is exactly as the name implies. It is a beautiful clearing in the woods with an exquisite timber structure around which ceremonies are based. With all of the woods around, we decided to add some infrared photography to the mix. Derek, our assistant, was at the helm of the IR camera while Angela and myself handled the normal shooting. Infrared photography is particularly well suited to landscape photography involving tress and foliage. There was plenty of that on hand here!

The ceremony was very nice. We think each and every girl in the bridal party shed a tear….or three..
The reception was intimate and Michelle and Chris put on quite a show with their choreographed first dance! Good job guys!

Well, without further adieu, we have a slideshow to see! Please be sure to leave a comment!!

A high definition version of the slideshow is available for purchase. Contact ken@transposure.com if you are interested.


Sep 22 2011

Jenny & Edwin’s Wedding

Jennifer…or…Jen….or…Jenny…or now, JC, and Edwin….or is it EC?! LOL

What a great couple! They came to us a while back and immediately I was known as Kenny and Jennifer was known as Jenny. Jenny and Edwin and us were a perfect fit from the start.

We talked about their engagement session and what it would be and finally decided on a photoshoot centered around Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey. The location was awesome and they were awesome! What was interesting was the New York City background. You could clearly see the new Freedom Tower being erected in lower Manhattan!

Here is a video slideshow of the engagement session….

Jenny also decided to do a Boudoir Session and make an accordian book for Edwin. It turned out fabulous!

With two photoshoots under her belt, fast forward a few months. This girl was ready! And so was Edwin.

The wedding took place at her uncle’s farm in Walnutport, Pennsylvania. It was a very nice affair that was exquisitely managed by Danielle Pasternak – Wedding Planner
We love Danielle!!

So, after a long day, we also have a wedding slideshow to share!

A high definition version is available for purchase and download. Contact ken@transposure.com if you are interested.

Take a look at the slideshow and leave us a comment! We hope you like it!

Sep 20 2011

Lisa & Scott’s Wedding

Crash! That was the sound I heard while photographing Lisa and Scott at Ocean City, NJ during their engagement session. We were on the beach, under the pier and the waves were crashing in. Well, that wasn’t all that crashed. My light and battery pack were precariously teeter-tottering on the light stand behind me. I saw the look on their faces moments before I heard the crash behind me. Yup, lighting gear in the sand and surf. Just another workplace casualty! LOL All is well without any damage. Yay!
Well, fast forward about a half a year and we are at The Mansion with them on their wedding day. Luckily there weren’t any crashes, of equipment or of the party! Everything went very well while the weather held out. The Mansion was filled with a plethora a photography gems and we had a great time with Lisa and Scott.
Their wedding was very elegant and we gathered a variety of timeless and fun photos.
Following is a slideshow of their wedding day.

Let us know what you think of it!

It is also available in High Definition for download. If you are interested in purchasing the high-definition version, contact ken@transposure.com.

Sep 8 2011

Cathy & Chris’s Wedding

When we met Cathy and Chris and Chris said he was into martial arts, little did we know we would see him bring a Samurai sword to the reception to cut the cake! It was definitely a lot of fun.
In hindsight, it was probably one of the hottest days of the year, but luckily we were inside most of the day.
The Orthodox wedding was very colorful and full of tradition. And the Hilton in Woodbridge, NJ was very nice. All in all, the day went very well.
We want to wish both Cathy and Chris congratulations and a long and happy life together.
We prepared a short slideshow of some of the shots from their wedding day. Please feel free to leave a comment!
As always, a high definition version is available for purchase. Simply contact us at ken@transposure.com if there is an interest in purchasing it.

Aug 31 2011

Kezzy & Maurice’s Wedding

Good people.  That about sums it up about these two.  Kezzy and Maurice are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  Laid back, comfortable to be around and above all…..in love!  We found this out when they came to us to discuss wedding photography for their wedding.  Getting to know them was easy over a Starbucks coffee.  They liked our style and we liked their personalities.  A perfect match.

Fast forward to July 30, 2011, the date of their marriage.  Everybody was calm and ready for the day’s events.  We had a lot of fun with both of them and have pictures to prove it!  Who knew the church would have a basketball court in the basement?!  Well, when we found out, we definitely used it to our advantage!  Check out the groomsmen breakin’ a sweat.

We prepared a video slideshow of some of the highlights.  You’ll find it below.  We hope you like it!

The slideshow is available for purchase in high definition format.  Contact us at ken@transposure.com for more info about purchasing it.

Jul 1 2011

Rachel & Ryan’s Wedding

Fast friends. That about sums it up. We love these guys! It seems like we’ve known them forever. Maybe that’s because they are constantly stalking us. Just kidding guys! Anyway, we met R & R over a year ago and they immediately felt as we did, that it was a perfect match for both parties. Over that time, we got to know them better and became better friends. They chose to add a Bridal Model Session to their package since they would be limited on the day of their wedding. They wanted more depth to their photography so we collaborated on a plan. Well, the plan meant a mid-summer hike in a Pennsylvania State Park to photograph them in wedding attire prior to their wedding. We would then have additional material for their album. Sounds great in theory……well, read on…

We met at the park and of course, they have their wedding garb in daypacks. I, on the other hand, had 50 pounds of photo gear in a full sized backpack! Did I mention it was in the middle of the summer? Before heading out, we shot a short series using their bicycles as props since it represents a big part of Ryan’s lifestyle. It was a mix of humor and intimacy in the perfect proportions. After that, we were off on the hike, which was uphill……both ways. Oh, and did I mention that it was IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER! LOL

Ok, so, the sweaty pack-mule named Ken arrives with them at the most exquisite location to photograph them for their bridal model session! After a bit of rehydration, we are off to work! Voila! Fantastic time. Fantastic images! Loads of fun! Oh, and worth the trip.

After regaining the 10 pounds that I lost on the hike, we reviewed the shots and they were delighted! That made my day. We selected the ones that were the best and finalized the series.
This is a perfect example of the benefit of a Bridal Model Session. It affords access to really cool locations that may not otherwise be available on the day of the wedding. It is also a great practice session. Definitely a win-win scenario.

The wedding day arrives and the weather is spectacular! Somebody must have paid off the big guy! LOL Their wedding was held at the Stroudsmoor in Stroudsburg, PA. We have shot many weddings there.

We had a blast shooting them all day and have some great captures as a result. Rachel is quite the planner as we’ve come to learn and it paid off in spades. Kudos Rachel! Everything went according to plan and we were delighted to be part of their special day. Congratulations guys!

They left for Tahiti on their honeymoon (can you say jealous?!) and we wanted to have a short teaser video slideshow ready for them upon their return. So, here it is…..

The video slideshow is available for download in high resolution. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact us at ken@transposure.com.